Tool Management

After you get your first Land Rover Defender and you're starting to learn about where you can save money by doing things yourself, you realise that for every task there is something you lack. Namely, tools....


Quick tip: Topping up the gearbox

I hate filling the gearbox. The transfer box is not so bad, but the gearbox (both the LT77 and R380) is annoying to fill as there is hardly any space to get above the filler hole to pour the oil in....

Tips, expeditions, articles and information on planning and running an expedition in a Land Rover Defender. It's what they're made for


6 Advanced Land Rover Expedition Modifications

These expedition modification options are relevant if you have the time and budget for really improving your experience and ability of your Land Rover on expedition. They also depend on the scale of the off roading you intend on and allow you to go on more extreme expeditions in your Land Rover....