Quick tip: Topping up the gearbox

I hate filling the gearbox. The transfer box is not so bad, but the gearbox (both the LT77 and R380) is annoying to fill as there is hardly any space to get above the filler hole to pour the oil in....

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History of an expedition vehicle

During my time in Belize, I kept a detailed log of all works and problems that occured whilst supporting the jungle expeditions. Below is the history of one of the vehicles over the first 6 years of its life. I'm sharing this because it was an expedition work horse, spending about half of its life off road, did 120,000km in 3 years and was well maintained....


Universal joint differences

Replacing a universal joint is a fairly straight forward affair, but being the quickest thing to replace when investigating driveline vibration or whining noises and having 4 on the vehicle, you can end up replacing them quite frequently. If you do any sort of off roading, water, mud and dust don't help if they are not regularly greased (i.e. daily)....