Replacing the gearbox, clutch and transfer box

I knew it was coming. I just knew it. The clutch was squealing when the pedal was depressed and the bite point started changing with every press. I also knew that my gearbox might not be in the best shape since the piece of metal fell out of it a year ago....

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expedition life

3 historic, inspirational Land Rover expeditions

Over the years I have found many websites, but the ones below have personally been the most inspirational to me because of a blend of adventure, hard core off roading, reliance on the expedition vehicle and unexpected occurences. To me they sum up everything great about using a Land Rover for an expedition....


Replacing steering drop arm

This is one of those jobs that you pray you never have to do. But my Land Rover failed the MOT on the drop arm ball joint and not wanting to pay the garage to do it (what seemed a simple job) nor wanting to buy a whole new steering box, I decided to do it myself....