5 Essential Land Rover Expedition Modifications

An expedition Land Rover needn't be an overly expensive beast. The stock version of the Defender performs very well in harsh environments, but a few select additions can turn the well designed Defender into a more reliable and useful vehicle. You could go all the way with modifications to make sure there is a piece of equipment added for every eventuality, but if you're on a budget (as most of us are), what are the most important additions to your Land Rover to get the most from your expedition?...


R380 reverse light switch

My reverse light hasn't been working. I only found this out recently whilst meeting a gritting lorry on a narrow lane at night. With the windows steamed up and putting it into reverse, there was nothing behind but darkness. I stuck my head out the window and half drove up the hedge trying to find the gateway i'd only just passed....

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Fitting rear lower link bushes and polybushes

Bushes wear out. Fact. And on expedition they get a hammering. In Belize, the number one most frequent job would be replacing bushes somewhere on the vehicle. Some would only last 6 months. In the environment where you're driving on rough roads, the suspension takes the most punishment and the bushes are the only bit of "give" between the hard bits of metal....