Upgrading to Td5 Reverse and Fog lights

I don't like the rectangular Reverse and Fog lights on Defenders. They fill with water, the connections corrode, the bulbs become loose and people stand on them when climbing up to roof racks....

expedition life

Which expeditioner are you?

The word "expedition" conjures up different images in peoples' heads. Therefore what is considered to be an "expedition" can be extremely wide ranging. So too can the decisions people make about what vehicle they want to use on their expedition. We've put together a survey to see just what people are thinking and what is considered to be a good vehicle for adventure....

Tips, expeditions, articles and information on planning and running an expedition in a Land Rover Defender. It's what they're made for


Tool Management

After you get your first Land Rover Defender and you're starting to learn about where you can save money by doing things yourself, you realise that for every task there is something you lack. Namely, tools....