The Botswana Build-up

Well the time has come where I thought i'd better get back out into the wild places of the world in a Land Rover. I've booked a Defender for November this year with Bushlore, so and me and the missus will be jetting off to South Africa where we'll pick it up and head into Botswana for a couple of weeks...


Replacing the gearbox, clutch and transfer box

I knew it was coming. I just knew it. The clutch was squealing when the pedal was depressed and the bite point started changing with every press. I also knew that my gearbox might not be in the best shape since the piece of metal fell out of it a year ago....

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Spare wheels on expediton

The large debate to have with yourself when planning any expedition is "what should you take and what should you leave?". This inevitably encompasses spare wheels as they're bulky and heavy. If you're planning on going remote, then a spare wheel is absolutely essential in the event of a puncture....