Wiring the Td5 rear door to a 300Tdi

If your vehicle is made post-2002 then the wiring loom will connect straight away. If you are putting the door on an earlier vehicle, it will require a bit of fiddling because the connectors are different and the newer door's wiper is negative switched whilst the older door's wiper is positive switched....


5 Essential Land Rover Expedition Modifications

An expedition Land Rover needn't be an overly expensive beast. The stock version of the Defender performs very well in harsh environments, but a few select additions can turn the well designed Defender into a more reliable and useful vehicle. You could go all the way with modifications to make sure there is a piece of equipment added for every eventuality, but if you're on a budget (as most of us are), what are the most important additions to your Land Rover to get the most from your expedition?...

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Dismantling a late style rear door

When I bought the door, it was green so I needed to get it resprayed the same white as my Land Rover. As such, I had to remove everything from it first. It took less than 30 minutes in total. Here's what I did....