The importance of roll cages

It is said that to drive a Land Rover Defender safely you should imagine that you are driving a soft-top; that is to say that the aluminium body construction doesn't provide much strength should you find the vehicle inverted and the weight of the chassis/engine/axles hovering above you...


Do you have a fire extinguisher?

And if you do, is it easy to get to? It's one of those things you don't really think about, but a fire can take your vehicle with it in a matter of minutes. Some cars have a reputation for catching fire, but not so much with Land Rovers. That is unless it's a V8...

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Replacing a 300Tdi Salisbury axle with a Td5/Puma 110 rear axle

The Salisbury axle on a Defender 110 was used through the Series era until 2002. It has a reputation of being very strong, but also not very DIY friendly, as the pinion is part of the axle casing and the diff carrier removed by needing to spread the axle casing apart. So to replace the differential you would effectively need an entire new axle....