The Botswana Build-up

Well the time has come where I thought i'd better get back out into the wild places of the world in a Land Rover. I've booked a Defender for November this year with Bushlore, so and me and the missus will be jetting off to South Africa where we'll pick it up and head into Botswana for a couple of weeks...


110 SW 300Tdi ROW LHD

To the untrained eye this title looks like a lot of acronyms, but to others it means so much more. There is a good argument to say that the 300Tdi engined Rest of the World (ROW) spec Left Hand drive 110 Defender Station Wagon is the most desirable Land Rover Defender to make into an expedition vehicle....

Tips, expeditions, articles and information on planning and running an expedition in a Land Rover Defender. It's what they're made for


Winch and Wade blanket review

With my first Land Rover, I had the unenviable experience of having my radiator burst on the motorway. The week before I had been wading through muddy water at a pay and play site, clogging the radiator fins. I had attempted to clean them out afterwards, but now it was the hottest day of the year at 30 degrees, as I pushed towards 70mph on the motorway. On this bright, blue sky day, the windscreen started accumulating water drops...