R380 reverse light switch

My reverse light hasn't been working. I only found this out recently whilst meeting a gritting lorry on a narrow lane at night. With the windows steamed up and putting it into reverse, there was nothing behind but darkness. I stuck my head out the window and half drove up the hedge trying to find the gateway i'd only just passed....


Winches Part 3: How to use a Winch

Winching is a fairly technical discipline, and takes from practise to work effectively. If you don't do it right, you could end up damaging the vehicle or yourself. This article is a rough guide to Winching techniques....

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Quick Fix: Transfer Box PTO cover leak

A leaking Transfer box is not uncommon as there are some very common places it leaks from such as the bottom cover plate, intermediate shaft seal and font/rear output housing seal, but i've not seen one leaking from the PTO cover before....