Fitting rear lower link bushes and polybushes

Bushes wear out. Fact. And on expedition they get a hammering. In Belize, the number one most frequent job would be replacing bushes somewhere on the vehicle. Some would only last 6 months. In the environment where you're driving on rough roads, the suspension takes the most punishment and the bushes are the only bit of "give" between the hard bits of metal....

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Desert expeditions: Outback preparation

I've been watching Ray Mears Extreme Survival recently way back from the year 2000. Despite his shorts hiding not nearly enough flesh, he has some great pointers about preparing yourself and gathering the right equipment for heading into the Australia Outback....


Replacing a 300Tdi Salisbury axle with a Td5/Puma 110 rear axle

The Salisbury axle on a Defender 110 was used through the Series era until 2002. It has a reputation of being very strong, but also not very DIY friendly, as the pinion is part of the axle casing and the diff carrier removed by needing to spread the axle casing apart. So to replace the differential you would effectively need an entire new axle....