History of an expedition vehicle

During my time in Belize, I kept a detailed log of all works and problems that occured whilst supporting the jungle expeditions. Below is the history of one of the vehicles over the first 6 years of its life. I'm sharing this because it was an expedition work horse, spending about half of its life off road, did 120,000km in 3 years and was well maintained....


Desert expeditions: Sahara in a Land Rover

Good old Ray Mears has done it again. In this episode of Extreme Survival, he's in the Sahara desert with his Land Rover Defender talking through some survival tips, recovery techniques and maintenance....

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Quick fix: Defender diff lock linkage

I had a bit of a problem with my diff lock, in that it wouldn't engage. The transfer box lever would move to the left one "notch", but not into another notch by the time it hit the far side of the lever assembly....