Replacing the 300Tdi fan belt tensioner bearing

These are quite common items to wear as it spins all the time that the engine is running. One option is to replace the entire tensioner assembly for about £50. If the tensioner still works then the much cheaper option is to just replace the bearing in the pulley for about £5....


Basic Land Rover Expedition Equipment

As a bare minimum in the expeditioner's arsenal, the following items should be included as standard. Naturally it's a matter of opinion, but I wouldn't find myself without any of these items if venturing further afield off road. A two ton vehicle won't much listen to a single human being unless he has some tools up his sleeve....

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300Tdi low coolant alarm

In the 300Tdi engine, the water pump is located quite high in the engine (near the cylinder head). A relatively small loss of coolant can result in the pump sitting high and dry and the engine overheating....