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3 historic, inspirational Land Rover expeditions

Over the years I have found many websites, but the ones below have personally been the most inspirational to me because of a blend of adventure, hard core off roading, reliance on the expedition vehicle and unexpected occurences. To me they sum up everything great about using a Land Rover for an expedition....

Tips, expeditions, articles and information on planning and running an expedition in a Land Rover Defender. It's what they're made for


Quick fix: Transmission clunk

When you find yourself not being able to change gear without a clunk then you may have worn splines on your halfshafts and drive members, due to high mileage or heavy clutch changes. The halfshaft transmits power from the differential by engaging the splines of the drive member which bolts to the hub....


LT77 gearbox oil change

Part of the problem with buying a Land Rover with no service history is that you feel you have to start doing everything; thus creating a history to ensure to yourself that it is being kept in the best condition possible. Of course doing a full service upon purchase of a knackered Defender won't make up for years of inadequate servicing...