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Which expeditioner are you?

The word "expedition" conjures up different images in peoples' heads. Therefore what is considered to be an "expedition" can be extremely wide ranging. So too can the decisions people make about what vehicle they want to use on their expedition. We've put together a survey to see just what people are thinking and what is considered to be a good vehicle for adventure....

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5 Essential Land Rover Expedition Modifications

An expedition Land Rover needn't be an overly expensive beast. The stock version of the Defender performs very well in harsh environments, but a few select additions can turn the well designed Defender into a more reliable and useful vehicle. You could go all the way with modifications to make sure there is a piece of equipment added for every eventuality, but if you're on a budget (as most of us are), what are the most important additions to your Land Rover to get the most from your expedition?...