Expedition Skills: Replacing a wheel bearing

Wheel bearings have the habit of wearing out on expedition. The constant driving with dust and water creates a testing environment for your hub seals, so it is not uncommon to have a dodgy bearing or two on expedition. I think it's one of the mechanical things that is so crucial and fairly straightforward to fix, that it's worth getting some practice of it before you leave on expedition....


Tool Management

After you get your first Land Rover Defender and you're starting to learn about where you can save money by doing things yourself, you realise that for every task there is something you lack. Namely, tools....

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Desert Expeditions: Land Rover's way

Land Rover tends to have a history in connection with great expeditions. Need I say any more about Camel Trophy and the G4? These days they're still trying to get their vehicles out there being used for what they were designed to do, by putting on no expense spared romps in the desert....