Universal joint differences

Replacing a universal joint is a fairly straight forward affair, but being the quickest thing to replace when investigating driveline vibration or whining noises and having 4 on the vehicle, you can end up replacing them quite frequently. If you do any sort of off roading, water, mud and dust don't help if they are not regularly greased (i.e. daily)....

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Headlight flashers

My headlight flashers have never worked. I've done lots of electrical work on the Land Rover, but I hate removing the steering column shroud. The first time I tried to remove it was on one of the expedition Defenders in Belize and was greated by a puff of smoke as something shorted....


The Expedition Vehicle: Part 2

So I find myself a year later in 2010 going back on my previous thoughts about what I want from an expedition vehicle. I've just bought a 1997 300Tdi 110 Station Wagon and am feeling quite pleased with myself....