Replacing steering drop arm

This is one of those jobs that you pray you never have to do. But my Land Rover failed the MOT on the drop arm ball joint and not wanting to pay the garage to do it (what seemed a simple job) nor wanting to buy a whole new steering box, I decided to do it myself....

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Winches Part 3: How to use a Winch

Winching is a fairly technical discipline, and takes from practise to work effectively. If you don't do it right, you could end up damaging the vehicle or yourself. This article is a rough guide to Winching techniques....


The Botswana Build-up

Well the time has come where I thought i'd better get back out into the wild places of the world in a Land Rover. I've booked a Defender for November this year with Bushlore, so and me and the missus will be jetting off to South Africa where we'll pick it up and head into Botswana for a couple of weeks...