Winches Part 3: How to use a Winch

Winching is a fairly technical discipline, and takes from practise to work effectively. If you don't do it right, you could end up damaging the vehicle or yourself. This article is a rough guide to Winching techniques....


Engines on Expedition - Why is Diesel best?

Many people see the diesel engined 4x4 as a superior vehicle, not least because the diesel engine's strengths appeal more to driving in an off road, expedition environment. Most Land Rovers are diesel as standard, but why? This article is a run down on main strengths of diesel engines on expedition and what that means in the real world....

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Winches Part 1: Choosing a Winch

This is the first in our three part series on winching, with this part dealing with how to choose a winch for your Land Rover. Winches are useful additions to get you out of the most sticky of situations. If you're thinking you want to add a winch to your Land Rover, there are a few questions you first need to ask yourself....