Bleargh, Midnight Oil

Started on the plans and materials list for the Chiquibul South Ranger Station project. Not before being called into town by Greg mid morning and then dossing around with a long lunch in Hanna’s and getting back to the office at 3:30.

Well the plans and materials have to be calculated to show people in meetings tomorrow, so endless plans, structures, drawings, counting different sizes of timber and working out why none of the 8 foot sections don’t line up. Hint: Keep the beams static and just move where the leg uprights go… At 2am it was all done and nicely under our 5 grand budget from PACT.

The Land Rover came back from Graham’s with an extra bill for a new Viscous unit, which regulates how fast the engine fan spins based on how hot it is. Very clever, but ours had completely bust so the engine could have melted at some point. Might have been that slight whirring sound I thought I could hear coming into San Ig on Sunday night.

  • RULE 1: A new Land Rover noise means something is broken
  • RULE 2: Fix it sooner rather than later
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