Land Rover Defender 2012

The big change for 2012 was the change of engine to the 2.2Tdci Ford Duratorq (Puma) engine to meet new emissions requirements in the UK. Whilst the cubic capacity of the engine was reduced by 200cc, the power and torque remained the same as the 2.4 model.

One of the main considerations for expeditions and overlanding in this model is the fitment of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to meet new emissions regulations. This filter collects exhaust soot and burns it off when the engine is hot and being worked hard. If the vehicle does not do this within a time/mileage range, then the vehicle's performance can suffer. Unlike the EGR systems and catalytic convertors of prior years, removing the DPF is an MOT failure, so people to not attempt to interfere with it.

The DPF wasn't fitted for export "rest of the world" models as it is a system with additional complexities and the associated potential failure in arduous environments.

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