6 Advanced Land Rover Expedition Modifications

These expedition modification options are relevant if you have the time and budget for really improving your experience and ability of your Land Rover on expedition. They also depend on the scale of the off roading you intend on and allow you to go on more extreme expeditions in your Land Rover. They are over and above the other Land Rover expedition modifications i've deemed as desirable or essential.


A winch is a device for peace of mind. Whether you'll need one or not depends on the kind of areas you're planning on going to. A good winch and bumper will set you back £500-600. Read about winches in our 3-part article: How to choose a winch, how to fit a winch and how to use a winch.

Diff lockers

The Land Rover central differential was introduced so that the vehicle could be in permanent four wheel drive with the front and rear axles able to turn at different speeds - much like the axle differentials for left and right wheels during cornering. Naturally, it meant that the Land Rover wasn't true four wheel drive, so diff lock is used to 'lock' the central differential so that the front and rear axles rotate at the same speed.

However, a central diff lock is not infallable for extreme off roading. Whereas without it, all power could be lost through one free spinning wheel, a central diff lock splits the power between the axles so that it would need two free spinning wheels at opposite corners of the vehicle. For the hard core off roader tackling a ditch or crest diagonally, climbing steep slopes or rock crawling could bring about this loss of traction.

Axle diff lockers are additional components added to the axle differentials to create the true 4x4 whereby all wheels rotate at the same speed. Diff lockers are all aftermarket additions and require a garage or a well equipped DIY enthusiast to fit. They carry a big price tag and should be reserved for the extreme off road expedition.

ARB are one of the leading brands and use compressed air in their system, but spares can be expensive. KAM have created a newer electronic diff locker that has a tough reputation for about the same price. Ashcroft Transmissions have created their own diff locks and get very good feedback whilst being

Onboard compressor

A compressor that you carry with you can be an extremely useful item - much more speedy than a foot pump and fairly cheap as they go. The cheaper models can be run from the cigarette lighter, whereas others can be connected to the vehicle and wired into the electrical system.

Not only does it allow you to reinflate after fixing punctures in the wild, but also allows you to inflate them having lowered the tire pressures before driving on a soft surface.


Land Rover SpolightsHaving spotlights helps immensely when driving off road for spotting obstacles such as low hanging branches which standard headlights fail to illuminate well. Roof mounted spotlights help the most and can create a wider spread of light when searching the road for the best line to drive on. Driving off road at night in most circumstances is advised against, as it becomes an order of magnitide more difficult but spotlights certainly help should you think you'll be driving at night.

Roof tent

A roof tent is the ultimate addition for easy living on the road. Requiring only a couple of minutes or less to set up, a roof tent removes the need to find a good camp site and create a more comfortable existence. It does take up a lot of space on the roof rack that could be used for other things, but there are smaller models available. It is also a hefty price tag - running to over a thousand plus - with this being a major factor to consider against the comfort it gives minus the space it takes compared to a small separate tent.

Extra Storage space (in the wings)

Between the body sills and the chassis there is a vast area of space that is prime for being harnessed for an expedition Land Rover. It is a standard addition to most military and Wolf Land Rovers, so this modification may come with your vehicle already. Situated behind the front doors on 110 Hard tops, it creates handy storage of tools and other externally required items.

The space can also be used for water tanks or extra fuel tanks too.

Main photos courtesy of Land Treks

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