Dismantling a late style rear door

When I bought the door, it was green so I needed to get it resprayed the same white as my Land Rover. As such, I had to remove everything from it first. It took less than 30 minutes in total. Here's what I did.

What you'll need

  • T25 Torx bit/screwdriver
  • 10mm spanner
  • 13mm spanner
  • Circlip pliers (or other levering device)


Remove the 4 bolts securing the rear handle. They need T25 Torx bits. Lever the trim away from the door. It is held by 8/9 clips which will probably break. It will reveal the inner workings of the door.


Remove the 4 10mm nuts and remove the lock. A gasket will come away with it. Remove the plastic trim around the barrel hole.

Wiper blade

Flip the cover up at the base of the wiper blade. Undo the nut underneath with a 13mm spanner. Grip the blade from behind and pull it from the spindle splines. It was stuck hard, so I had to use a pair of circlip pliers to squeeze it away from the spindle. Once off, remove the plastic nut and washer.

Wiper motor

Undo the 10mm nut on the right hand side of the wiper motor and withdraw the spindle from the door. Unclip the two connectors and remove the two rubber grommets from the door body.

Wiring loom

Unclip the relay from the base of the door and also the two connectors to the heated screen (if applicable). There are now 5 grey plastic clips that hold the loom to the door. They have two arms inside the door which pin them in, so a tug with the pliers again will stretch them out. They might come out a bit worse for wear but are reusable.

Check strap

There are two 10mm nuts to remove to free the check strap mechanism. It is held in by a backing plate which will need to be withdrawn upwards. Remove the check strap from the runners along with any end tape.

Glass screen

The screen can be removed by one person, but two would help. From the inside, fold the rubber seal under the lip to the outside. Slowly work your way along the top edge and then down the sides. The corners are quite stubborn. Once you have pushed the seal over on most of the door, the glass will lift out easily.

And there we have one late style Defender door stripped, ready to be cleaned and then off to the paint shop!

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